“Why would you ever turn around and then question, like, the way that you were doing things? ‘Cause the reason that we are here is ‘cause of what we’ve been doing on our own.”

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Musiques en Stock 2013 // requested by skinnyhipsandfragilelips


Dan smith and matty healy.

100 day song challenge

3. A song that makes you cry | The 1975, Me

I was late but I arrived. I’m sorry but I’d rather be getting high than watching my family die. Exaggerate and you and I. Oh I think I did something terrible to your body, don’t you mind. I put your mother through hell, don’t you mind. I hurt your brother as well, don’t you mind, don’t you mind.


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and possibly my new favorite picture of Matty

Music for me is, well you know, I think you could find it kind of like  quantum analogy in physics, like dark matter, the search of dark matter, that’s what music is for me…My love and knowledge and understanding of music has been the one thing that’s made me sway more towards being religious. I’m not religious at all, but the more obsessed I become with music, the more I question spirituality and religion.”