“Why would you ever turn around and then question, like, the way that you were doing things? ‘Cause the reason that we are here is ‘cause of what we’ve doing on our own.”
// The 1975 Questions // The 1975 : Favourite member of The 1975 and why?
The City: If you could fall in love in any city which would it be and why?
M.O.N.E.Y.: Have you ever taken drugs?
Chocolate: Do you have a problem with authority?
Sex: Have you ever been with someone, who already have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Talk: Do you know someone who talks a lot of bullshit and doesn’t stop?
Heart Out: Do you have feelings for someone and wish that they were reciprocated?
Settle Down: Have you ever had somebody lead you on?
Robbers: Have you ever been hurt by someone over and over and kept giving them second chances?
Girls: Have you ever been with someone who wasn’t what you needed?
She Way Out: Have you ever been with someone who is way out of your league?
Menswear: Do you hate weddings?
Pressure: Have you ever lied to someone because of the pressure in a social situation?
Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You: Do you feel like you are responsible for a person who you love a lot?
Me: Have you done anything which had bad consequences and hurt you and/or other people?
Antichritst: Do you believe in God? Or wish you had a religion?
Woman: Have you ever met someone once and fell in love with them or the moment?
Milk: Do you need to drugs and alcohol to have a good time at a party?
Intro/Set3: Do you feel like you are left behind when everyone is further ahead in life?
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Matt Healy, always encased in smoke 100% of the time. 

The 1975

The Hifi Bar

by Sarah Lay


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imagine matty trying to tell you something in handcuffs

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Letter S :)

ok so i had the letter s already but I’m gonna give you 5 other songs i love cos there are so many songs with an s i love :))) thank you!

Shoot Out At The University Fair - The 1975
She Changes The Weather - Swim Deep
Sunshine - Matisyahu
She - Green Day
Same Love - Macklemore

Give me a letter and i’ll tell you my 5 favourite songs starting with that letter

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Adam and Ross in Singapore +

The letter 's'

omg it’s so hard to pick only 5 of my fav songs starting with an s ugh

Scary Monsters - The 1975
Stay Together For The Kids - Blink-182
Stay Away From My Friends - Pierce The Veil
Stay With Me - Sam Smith (or the cover of Ed Sheeran)
Starving For Friends - Slaves ft. Vic Fuentes (I love this song)

Thanks for asking! :)

Give me a letter and i’ll tell you my 5 favourite songs starting with that letter